About Us


Let me begin by introducing myself,

I am Michael Daniell owner/operator of Basic Computer Technologies. I am profoundly deaf, however this has not stopped me from running my own business for more than 30 years. I have both hearing and hearing impaired customers.

I founded the business in 1988 when it was called Basic Computer Programs (BCP).

I wrote and still sell my accounting software for small businesses called "CASHBOOK".

However over time, like all business, my focus has changed and my core business is now computer repairs, software and hardware upgrades, maintenance, and installation of computer network systems.

I can also recover "Lost" data and retrieve data from old or failed hard drives

In some cases I have provided services to clients in remote parts of New Zealand, in Australia and in the United Kingdom using special software

Hence I have also changed the name to reflect this evolution of the business and I am now known as Basic Computer Technologies (BCT).

My office is based in East Tamaki, however I travel all over Auckland and even as far as Hamilton to visit customers who are in need of my services which cannot be provided online..

Please feel free to contact me to enquire about the services I provide.



Our recommended products are those we consider most reliable

BCT has an extensive knowledge of products of good quality and long term value and can be trusted to take care of your computer. There are hundreds of different brands or unbranded names of products and BCT can advise you on the suitability of the hardware you are planning to purchase and the software you wish to use.